Social Media and the Problem of the Use of Trademark

Ankara Bar Association – Journal of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (FMR), June 2019

Unfair Usage of Trademarks via Internet

Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2010

Unfair Usage of Trademarks via Internet (Turkish Version)

Turhan Kitabevi, Ankara, 2009

Article Name : Invalidity of Trademarks (Language: Turkish)

Published in Journal of Turkish Bar Association, September – October 2006, Issue No.66, Year 19

Article Name : Copyright Piracy, Developments in Turkey and in the world (Language: Turkish)

Published in Ankara Bar Association Journal - October 2004

Is mediation becoming a legal obligation and/or a mandatory step in IP Infringement and other IP related cases in Turkey?

The article about the legislative proposal which was very recently presented to the Turkish Grand National Assembly on November 13, 2018. Within this context, the effects and pros and cons of compulsory mediation on current IP matters also discussed.

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An Overview of Turkish Industrial Property Legislation (Language: English)

A memo that indicates some main issues regarding 6769 numbered Turkish Industrial Property Code together with some commentaries.

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History of Trademarks (Article Language: English)

Article aiming to express the evolution of trademarks from the very beginning to the meantime.

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Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights – WTO – TRIPS Agreement (Article Language: English)

Article aiming to express the components of intellectual property rights, developments observed in international protection attempts and in this respect, TRIPS Agreement also examined and thus, globalization on the part of intellectual property tried to be introduced.

The Rights of the Author (Article Language: Turkish)

Article aiming to express the basic concepts of Copyright Law.

An Insight into Google's Organizational Structure (Language: English)

Paper aiming to express Google's organizational structure from a technology - organization perspective.

GEICO vs. GOOGLE Trial and Some Fundamental Questions (Language: Turkish)

Paper aiming to explain the concerned trial from the point of view of Turkish Commercial and Trademark Law.

Economics of Science and Main Theoretical Issues

Paper trying to express main issues (debates on the relationship between economics and science, human capital models, and other main subjects within this title) related to the economics of science.