Turkish Patent and Trademark Office Releases 2024 Official Fee Tariff Following Delay!

January 07, 2024

In a recent development, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) has officially published its long-awaited fee tariff, albeit after a delay. This crucial announcement holds paramount significance for individuals, businesses, and entities engaged in safeguarding their intellectual property rights within Turkey.

The released fee tariff meticulously outlines the updated costs associated with an array of services provided by the TURKPATENT. These services encompass various facets of intellectual property management, including but not limited to filing trademark or patent applications, renewals, opposition procedures, and other administrative processes.

While the delayed release may have inconvenienced some stakeholders, the comprehensive tariff publication offers clarity on the revised fee structures. This knowledge is instrumental for those intending to navigate the procedures and costs entailed in securing and maintaining intellectual property rights within the Turkish jurisdiction.

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KIRCI Law Office (KIRCI Avukatlık Bürosu)